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IGORA VIBRANCE is an advanced, moisturising demi-permanent hair colour – with a liquid formula that can turn into a gel or a cream for more service options.

MORE Performance – the Moisture Protecting Complex provides up to 100% more INSTAShine* plus increased hair protection.
MORE Convenience – the liquid formula with a 1-to-1 mixing ratio allows for easier formulation, faster mixing and more efficient application.
MORE Versatility – the demi-permanent colour allows you to choose either a gel or a cream consistency.
MORE Choice – a full range of demi-permanent colour services are available with 68 shades that match harmoniously with IGORA ROYAL.

Explore the demi-permanent colour range... 

*vs. untreated hair


Colours to feel #AbsolutelyYou

For many women, covering their white hair isn't to do with hiding their age. Rather, it is seen as a way of self-expression, continuing to embrace their identity and reflect who they feel as a person.

We think it is important to continue feeling #AbsolutelyYou at any age. The IGORA ROYAL ABSOLUTES colour range is dedicated to the absolute coverage of mature hair.


Designed specifically to work with BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lighteners, the new BLONDME Blonde Toning range has been developed to improve hair moisture levels and minimise hair damage, thanks to its Bond Enforcing Hydrolock Technology and pH neutral application mixture. Ensuring superior blonde results – for perfectly balanced neutralisation and sophisticated tone enhancement!

The new gel-crème consistency can be applied via brush or bottle, offering colourists more application versatility. The formula is also easier to distribute, allowing for faster application, especially for long hair clients. The new Deep Toning shades provide further service opportunities for clients with darker pre-lightened bases (5-8), perfect for creating lowlights or shadow root.


Fibre Clinix is our new salon-exclusive, hair care regime, harnessing both cutting-edge science and customisation, from in-salon service to home care. Schwarzkopf Professional's most advanced and powerful repair technology combined with full customisation:

• Up to 10x stronger hair*
• Complete sealing of hair porosity**
• Restores inner & outer hair structure for up to 60 days***

*when used with Fibre Clinix regime vs. untreated hair
**wet combing test vs. untreated hair
***when used with Fibre Clinix home care regime