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IGORA ROYAL Compact Book

IDH n° 2977058

IGORA ROYAL Compact Book features the complete IGORA ROYAL portfolio with all shades, presenting them in a compact but wholistic overview with each shade assigned to a clear colour world.

Informations sur le produit

Avantages clés

  • IGORA ROYAL Compact color chart with all IGORA shades in an easy to use compact overview.
  • Provides cross-references to shades available in other IGORA subbrands for easy dual application
  • Offerts technical support with integrated color cirlce and underlying tones indicators
  • Enables easy and quick colour consultation service with a compact overview of the shade assortment
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  • Gamme


  • Dimensions du produit

    Hauteur 95 mm
    Largeur 380 mm
    Profondeur 385 mm

  • Poids du produit

    2.880 kg

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